The Deep State

Thank you, Walt Disney Production, for the two rams bellowing endlessly at their echo in Brother Bear. That scene illustrates today’s political

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Storm-Tossed Seas

"The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for

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Walls and their Straphangers

Walls support the straphangers of “things” in life.  Walls spin tales of what existed, what is and what might be in that

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An Idle Hour

Have you noticed? The normal Christmas bustle of packages, decorations, great food, and friendships rekindled drowning in one political panic attack or

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Guam and the rising Storm

Guam wanders in and out of the news feeds with the regularity of a failing Christmas tree Satellite image of the

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For Want of a Wrench

The U.S. federal government is lathered up and hell-bent on spending money to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel safeguard the

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Korea Through the Looking Glass

June 24, 1950, marked the beginning of the Korean Conflict, the Korean War. It was the first conflict fought under the auspices

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The Eleventh Orchid

Prolog Serene Lăng Cô, Vietnam Coastline The following memoirs about the Le Tien family was recalled by Le Tien’s eleventh

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Wreaths Across the Ages

It was an early and unseasonably warm day on December 12, 2015, day when we arrived to begin our work with Wreaths

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