An Essay of Awakening

The Enigma

I respect Dr. King, but it was not always that way for me. It has taken much study and determination to build the overriding respect and admiration I have for Rev Martin Luther King Jr. His time spent with the U.S. Communist Party under the influence of The International Department of the Central Committee responsible for the International Communist Movement (ICM) aroused deep suspicion.

I was quick to judge, but judge I did. Tens of millions died under various Communist rules and millions continue to die under that socio-political-economic regime. Millions more were and are enslaved through domination and fear under those same values. The imperialist nature of Communism requires continuous conquest and occupation to sustain itself.  I was and remain judgmental of Communism and its adjunct, socialism.

That Martin Luther King Jr. attended camps is not in question. Yet, nothing in his subsequent actions or writings appear to fully endorse either Communism or Socialism.  Of course, that is open to dispute and discussion.

The Myth

The best summary about Martin Luther King, Jr., The Myth, comes from a 2016 article in The Washington Post:

  1. King believed in a color-blind society.
  2. King’s focus was racism in the South.
  3. King was the natural antagonist of Malcolm X.
  4. King is irrelevant to Black Lives Matter protesters.
  5. Without King, the civil rights movement wouldn’t have happened.

All good points and true, but what he achieved in his lifetime was a significant awakening by an overwhelming majority of the American people. His choice of actions grabbed the moral compass by its brass housing and, through his leadership, moved it significantly to the right. His writings may be interpreted in several ways and therein lies their beauty. They are a seed from which personal growth and understanding may evolve.

The Man

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a flawed individual and still he changed the face of America forever for the better.  The ‘content of his character’ revealed a person who was studied, a wicked good orator, and a strong leader when leadership was woefully needed. He gave us words that we could ponder and from whose ideas we, as individuals, could grow. He demonstrated in effective ways that ended up uniting millions to move along a path of much needed growth. He plowed the fields of acceptance through actions that led toward healing and highlighted nasty, uncomfortable obstacles that needed removing. Martin Luther King, Jr. enabled all sides to change and grow no matter the discomfort. Martin Luther King, Jr. actions enabled redemption and salvation so that the boat of humanity sailed forward rather than capsizing into the endless cycle of retribution, usurpation of power and destruction.


It’s taken a lifetime to finally understand my debt to Rev Martin Luther King, Jr.  As I read his letters, speeches, and other communications, it becomes clear that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a student of many philosophies. No harlot to a singular approach, Dr. King appears to have integrated ideas and ideals to become his own unique character with a unique philosophy. In the midst of today’s anarchy and the tinderbox that is our county, I miss his leadership.